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Q: What type of health testing has been done?

 A: All  parents of kittens have been DNA tested for known inheritable genetic diseases including PKD.  Parents have also been tested for FIV/FELV .  New owners will receive a copy of kittens first 2 series of vaccine records, microchipping paperwork and a copy of the parents DNA results.

Q: What is the price of a kitten?

A; Our kitten price is $2000.  Kittens are sold strictly as pets.  All kittens will be spayed/neutered prior to leaving for their new homes (this is not negotiable), along with having all necessary vaccinations up to 12 weeks of age.  They will be micro-chipped, the litter registered with TICA, litter box trained, completely transitioned to raw food, fully vet checked and very well socialized.

Q: What type of food are the cats fed? 

 A: I have been feeding all my cats and kittens raw for the past 4 years.  I am completely amazed at the overall improvement of their appearance, no vets checks except for annual exams, no throwing up fur balls and best of all very little poo in the litter box.......compared to when I was feeding commercial  grade cat food.  I certainly don't insist on the new owners feeding raw, but highly recommend it.  The initial cost might be a little more, but you will save in the long run.  If it is something that might appeal to you there are many brands and even raw pet food distributors that are available.  If you choose to feed commercial  just make sure it is a high quality grain free food.

Q: Do you offer shipping?

A. We do allow shipping by cargo within US or a nanny service.  Buyer is responsible for coordinating travel for the kitten. We also welcome buyers to pick up at our home.  

Q: What age can kitten leave for their new home.

A: 12 to 14 weeks (spay and neuter determines the appropriate age to  release to new home since it depend on kittens weight).

Q: Do you allow home visits.

A: I no longer allow home visits.  I will send pictures and videos every 2 to 3 weeks to buyers that have reserved a kitten.  If you would like a video chat or to talk by phone I'm happy to do so if requested.  

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