Our Boy

Please welcome our new gentlemen caller....

               Yasha of Kotoffski!


So this guy...our Cattery stud muffin Yasha, is taking his sweet time showing interest in our cheeky ladies.  Right now his main concern is not missing a meal.  He is focused on filling all his extra skin, as he will continue to grow into a very thick and cobby boy.  So we ask you to please be patient, because this guys offspring will be well worth the wait!

Yasha of Kotoffski

Breed: British Shorthair

Color: Blue

Testing results coming soon

Blood Group:B

We are so happy to welcome "Yasha of Kotoffski" from Cattery of Kotoffski, this boy comes from very famous relatives with amazing pedigrees.  We are extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity to add him to our family.  He comes from a pedigree and bloodline that is highly sought after. 

Our Girls

Kolinga Lucille "Louie"

Breed:British Shorthair

Color: Black

FeLV, FIV,and PKD negative


Cheeky Brits Baby Gurl 

Breed: British Shorthair

Color: Blue

Testing Results Coming Soon


So this little miss was going to be called Hildi.  We decided  to change her name to Baby Gurl because once we knew we were going to keep her for our breeding program my husband would always call her baby girl.  Well  for the past 9 months we have all called her baby girl on a regular basis.  So much so that she thinks that is her name and so it is.  

Father:Worthy of Creator

Mother:Princess Pamella Tin Arden

Breed:British Shorthair


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