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You may not realize it, but you probably grew up with the British Shorthair. He is the clever feline of Puss in Boots, the grinning Cheshire Cat of Alice in Wonderland and on a scary note the original Church in Stephen Kings Pet Sematary.


We are located on a small farm outside Charlotte North Carolina where we raise this wonderful breed as part of our family.  All of our cats and kittens have free run of the home at all times..  They are never caged or kept in a separate area.  They are a huge part of our family 24/7.  All our kittens grow up in this active household with a large dog, farm animals to watch through the windows, along with plenty of family and friends visiting.  They are held from the time they are born and handled constantly until they arrive in their new homes.  Our kittens are very comfortable and well adapted to any kind of excitement that their new home may bring.  We take pride in raising healthy and very happy social cats.  Our cattery is registered with TICA and we uphold the strict breeding practices that are required by registered breeders.  All of our precious Brits come from European bloodlines, including the United Kingdom, Germany and Russia.    


We here at Cheeky Brits Cattery certainly focus on the health, personality and happiness of all our Brits.  We also focus on the true British Shorthair cats structure, short thick body, large round head, small ears and big round eyes.  While the most common and popular British Shorthair color is blue, this wonderful breed comes in a variety of colors and patterns,  While Cheeky Brits will occasionally have blue kittens available just know we do not focus on color alone.


Please check out our History page to read up on more about this wonderful breed.

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