Raising a Happy Cat

Hideout and Scratching

I have large cat trees/cat condos for all our cats.   I highly recommend getting one of these especially if you have dogs.   It gives them a safe place to escape any annoyance.  My cats absolutely love theirs.  They sleep on them and love to be high so they can observe their surroundings without being stressed.  There are many different sizes and price ranges on Amazon.  These also second as great scratching areas!!

No Cat Collars

Collars on cats!  Not necessary and more importantly dangerous.  There is a huge risk when they are playing that the collar can get caught and strangle the cat, it has been known to happen.  I would not be able to rest easy if I left any of my cats alone wearing a collar.   So yes when I see a cat wearing a collar I cringe, if it has a bell I really lose it.  I mean who wants to hear a bell ringing in their ear every time they make a move.  So to continue keeping your Cheeky Brit happy don't put a collar on him or her.

NO Declawing and Indoor ONLY

I am strongly against declawing!  It is the amputation of the last bone of each toe.  For a comparison it would be like cutting off each finger at the last knuckle on a human being.  Not pleasant and not necessary.  You will have a cat with multiple issues with declawing, such as less likely to use the litter box, more likely to bite and can have lasting  physical problems.  Declawing can cause numbness and constant pain in a cats paws.  I have two rescue cats along with our British Shorthair cats, none of them claw the furniture or anything else they shouldn't.  There are many products on the market to deter this behavior.  They only scratch on their cat tree and the couple scratching post we have.  This is another reason why I highly recommend a cat tree and/or scratching post.
Any cat or kitten we sell will be an indoor cat ONLY.   There are too many risk to be an indoor/outdoor cat.

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