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Raising a Happy Healthy Brit

What should I feed my Cheeky Brit?

 I have been feeding all my cats and kittens raw for the past 4 years.  I am completely amazed at the overall improvement of their appearance, no vets checks except for annual exams, no throwing up fur balls and best of all very little poo in the litter box.......compared to when I was feeding commercial  grade cat food.  I certainly don't insist on the new owners feeding raw, but highly recommend it.  The initial cost might be a little more, but you will save in the long run.  If it is something that might appeal to you there are many brands and even raw pet food distributors that are available.  Included in your kitten packet will be a list of recommended brands and distributors.  If you choose to feed commercial  just make sure it is a high quality grain free food.


What is Declawing?
Declawing is the amputation of the last bone of each toe. It would be like cutting off your fingers at the last knuckle. The standard method of declawing is amputating with a scalpel or guillotine clipper. The wounds are closed with stitches or surgical glue, and the feet are bandaged. Another method is laser surgery, in which a small, intense beam of light cuts through tissue by heating and vaporizing it. Both can cause lasting physical problems for your cat.  That under no circumstances will this kitten/cat be declawed. (CFA and MCBFA policies do not permit declawing and deem it inhumane.)  No Cheeky Brit is to be declawed once they leave our Cattery.

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Indoor Living Only
Please keep your new kitten/cat exclusively indoors. An enclosed patio or lanai is perfectly fine, but no free roaming.  

Entertainment & Sleep Space
All cats love cat condos/trees.  Cats love to sleep up high and get away from any annoyances from below.  Scratching post are also a must have, so your furniture doesn't become their scratching post.  I recommend having a few scratching post throughout your home.  Every one of mine are used on a regular basis.

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